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It is best to deal with and understand the legal aspect of your marriage before you take the plunge.

To ignore it or think that you will deal with it after the marriage is a huge mistake that will prove to be costly and frustrating in the future. At the outset it is wise to invest a small amount towards obtaining the proper legal advice and having your contract drafted efficiently with all your assets and future plans in mind.

We offer a comprehensive half hour to one hour consult with our Antenuptial package that will help you understand the legal aspects of a marriage. As a qualified Notary I am able to point out possible problems that can arise and assist couples in making the best decision for them.

Unfortunately a marriage will end someday  either by death or divorce. Dont wait to find out then that the marital regime you chose was the wrong one for you. Get advice and make an informed decision .

Make the right choice...CONTACT US NOW!!