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A Conveyancer is a specialiased Attorney that has written and passed the Conveyancing examination and is admitted by the High Court to practise as a Conveyancer.

A conveyancer is thus a specialised attorney that has the knowledge to prepare deeds and documents that will be registered in the Deeds office. Only a Conveyancer and not an attorney who is not a conveyancer can sign Deeds office documents. 

There are currently 10 Deeds offices in South Africa. We are able to lodge Deeds in ANY Deeds office in South Africa and we can assist you with the transfer of your property ANYWHERE in South Africa, Even if you are living overseas and wish to buy or sell property in South Africa we are able to advise and assist you with the legal requirements in accomplishing this.

Some common examples of property transfers are the following: 

- PURCHASE AND SALE - buying and selling property.

- SUBDIVISIONS- This is if you own a large piece of land and you wish to subdivide a portion or portion of it and sell or hole under a seperate title

- CONSOLIDATIONS - This is where 2 or more pieces of land adjoining each other are consolidated under one Title Deed.

- ESTATE TRANSFERS - transfers to an heir under a Will or Intestate Succession.

-DIVORCE ENDORSEMENTS- property that is acquired by a Divorce order or a Divorce Settlement Agreement.

 -SHARE BLOCK TO SECTIONAL TITLE CONVERSION- you may own property under a share block  certificate that you want to transfer to a sectional title.

- NEW DEVELOPMENTS AND OPENING OF A SECTIONAL TITLE REGISTER- We assist developers of new developments in the opening of sectional title register, drafting management rules and transferring sections and exclusive use areas to purchasers.

- LOST TITLE DEED- if the Title Deed to your property is lost do not panic we can assist with getting a deeds office copy that will replace the lost copy and can be used for property transfers.

- CONSOLIDATING AND SUBDIVIDING SECTIONAL TITLE UNITS- Sectional Title units can be consolidated or subdivided.

- ENDORSEMENTS - eg are name changes, rectification. change in status

- SERVITUDES- transfers and cessions of servitudes